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Nature based solutions


Afforestation, Reforestation and Revegetation

Our ARR projects transform degraded land due to extensive farming, into new forests that sequester large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere with subsequent oxygen production

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Reducing Emission from Deforestation and forest Degradation

Native forest conservation projects, or REDD + projects, aim to halt deforestation, protect biodiversity and at the same time foster the economic and social development of local communities

Community based solutions

Clean Water

Safe and potable water

We promote the construction of solar energy wells in local communities, allowing the reduction of emissions deriving from the boiling of water, thus producing a very high social impact.

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High efficiency stoves

The distribution of energy-efficient stoves is intended to replace traditional ovens and the use of open fire, significantly reducing the use of charcoal and wood for domestic use. Our cookstoves save up to 50% of fuel, while also reducing deforestation and producing economic savings for local communities

Projects around the world


Mila Rano - WATER (coming soon)

Mila Rano - WATER (coming soon)

Angovo Maharitra - COOKSTOVES (coming soon)

Fazenda Nascente do Luar - ARR

Fazenda Sao Paulo - ARR

Fazenda Boavista - ARR  (coming soon)

Selva de Urundel - REDD+

Western Amazon REDD+ Grouped

Projects around the world



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Mila Rano - WATER (coming soon)

Mila Rano - WATER (coming soon)

Angovo Maharitra - COOKSTOVES (coming soon)

Angovo Maharitra - COOKSTOVES (coming soon)

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