Camera Trap: The Puma

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The World Wildlife Day

is an occasion to reflect on the importance of conserving biodiversity and the need to protect animal and plant species that live on our planet.

On the occasion of this special day, we thought of sharing with you a wonderful video of a beautiful Puma captured by the Camera Traps, installed in our Selva de Urundel REDD+ project.

The Puma, also known as mountain lion, is a feline with a length that can exceed 2 meters and a weight that can reach 100 kg, which makes it one of the largest felines of the American continent.

The Puma as every other specie, has its fundamental role in the ecosystem of the regions where it lives. As a top predator, the Puma regulates the populations of other species contributing this way to mantain the balance between the different species present in the ecosystem, avoiding overpopulation of some and the disappearance of others.

Unfortunately, the Puma, like more than a million wildlife species, is at serious risk.

We are losing species at a rate at least a thousand times faster than the natural rate, due to habitat destruction for agriculture or cattle raising. Of all the mammals on Earth, only 4% are wild mammals, the rest (96%) is us and our livestock.

In order to preserve the rich and diverse array of plant and animal life on our planet, it is absolutely essential that we develop and implement effective strategies to protect wild flora and fauna.

Human activity such as unsustainable agriculture has led to the destruction and degradation of many of our precious native forests. This is a matter of great urgency, and we must act quickly to put an end to these destructive practices before it is too late.

There is only one way to effectively address the problem of biodiversity loss: we must build strong partnerships and collaborate with businesses so that together we can change the way ecosystems are exploited around the world, with the common goal of creating new, more sustainable economies.

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