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Meet our team: Monica Razo

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What was your background before coming to Carbon Credits Consulting?

I studied international business in my hometown Monterrey (Mexico) combined with cultural and work experiences in Canada, the United States and Italy.

I have always liked biology and, therefore, the aspects related to environmental care. After a period in the corporate world I decided that I wanted to be able to combine my studies with my passions, so I decided to study a master’s degree in sustainable business which opened up a different world of doing business, no longer based on just making a profit but on maintaining a balance between the planet and society. After the master’s degree I dedicated a brief and intense period to the world of environmental consulting, which I could consider as a second master, as this experience taught me that so many rules are necessary to be able to measure the environmental impact in the same way globally, however, I was looking for something with which I could be more linked to nature, and this is where Carbon Credits Consulting appears, an incredible reality that was not only growing in Italy, it had reforestation projects in South America! Today it is almost 3 years since I started this adventure and I have had the opportunity to see the company at 360 degrees, witnessing how more and more areas are protected thanks to the work of the whole team.

What is your role as Head of Marketing at CCC? What are your main activities?

In simple words, I could say that my main task is to relate how amazing our projects are, and the urgent need to support projects of this kind to stop global warming. It is also true that as Head of Marketing my job is to position our brand as a developer of carbon offseting projects in the market, which has been quite an interesting challenge as I could say that marketing in the voluntary carbon sector has been developing slowly.

In my day to day, I cover different activities ranging from the strategic part and definition of objectives to the operational, digital and creative part of the company; interacting with different teams ranging from production to sales. This has allowed me to have a broad knowledge of our projects and services, which is fundamental if we want it to be transmitted to our clients, who must not only fall in love with the project they decide to support but need to understand the benefits and the right way in which their sustainable strategy should be communicated and reported.

What is your favorite part of working at CCC?

For sure the possibility to confront myself directly with the decision makers in the company. For many years I worked in multinationals which undoubtedly shaped my career but making a change within very structured companies takes a lot of time. At Carbon Credits Consulting all opinions are always welcome and valued, there is a great opportunity to innovate, experiment and grow professionally.

In addition, it is very easy to align and believe in the company’s mission: to stop climate change. There is not a single member of CCC who does not want to achieve this, which creates a great culture, full of motivation that no doubt, makes the days more enjoyable and brings you closer to success.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I would like to answer that I am a super athlete, but the truth is that I simply find in climbing an excuse to be close to one of my most beautiful weaknesses: the mountains!

I grew up in the north of Mexico, surrounded by mountains (no, it’s not like in Europe, let’s take away the snow and the “Après-ski”) when I moved to Bologna I realized how much I need them, so when I have free time I dedicate it to be in nature and if possible, climbing. Of course, I also like to travel and discover cultures different from mine, but who doesn’t?

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