Selva de Urundel Project

Selva de Urundel Project REDD+ Project Map Selva de Urundel REDD+ TypeREDD+ (Reducing Emission from Deforestation and forest Degradation) LocationUrundel, Provincia di Salta, Argentina DeveloperCARBON CREDITS CONSULTING S.R.L. Project area 52.000 ha Emissions avoided200.000 ton CO₂/ year StandardVCS – Verified Carbon StandardCCBS – Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standards Project Description The Selva de Urundel REDD […]

Western Amazon Grouped Project

Western Amazon Grouped Project REDD+ Western Amazon REDD+ Grouped Project It is a REDD+ project that promotes the protection of natural areas located in the Brazilian Amazon with the aim of preserving over 60,000 hectares of native vegetation, halting deforestation that has reached concerning levels in this area. The project will have a duration of […]