Carbon Neutral Event

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Exhibitions, conferences, concerts and any other event generates greenhouse gas emissions.

Fortunately these emissions can be calculated and compensate through certified carbon credits.

What does “Carbon Neutral Event” mean?

A carbon neutral event means that the direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated by that event have been fully offset following a strategic plan that includes the following steps:

Ecological footprint

All the activities related to the event create a carbon dioxide footprint measurable in tons of carbon dioxide (COgeq). Through an analysis of the carbon footprint, the following are measured:

  • Direct emissions produced by the energy of the headquarters (eg electricity);
  • Mobility of participants, organizers and presenters to and from the event venue;
  • Emissions associated with waste disposal;
  • Emissions generated by online and offline communication.

This analysis will provide us with the amount of tons of CO2eq generated by the event. At this point, the organizer can influence strategies to further reduce the environmental impact of the event.

Carbon Neutrality – What does it mean to offset emissions?

Offsetting carbon emissions is possible through the purchase of high quality, internationally certified carbon credits. These credits are generated through the development of environmental protection projects such as reforestation works or improvement of combustion processes, carried out with the aim of reducing or reabsorbing global emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. These projects are verified and validated by third parties to ensure that the emissions reductions are real, additional and permanent. Once all emissions have been calculated and offset, the event can be certified as Carbon Neutral.


Carbon Credits Consulting is the only Italian company to develop and manage, large reforestation projects and protection of native forests at risk in the most sensitive areas of the planet, contributing to the mitigation of climate change.

CCC projects generate carbon credits awarded by the United Nations which, in addition to offsetting the unavoidable CO2 emissions, safeguard and restore biodiversity and improve the quality of life of local communities.

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